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Nagado Taiko Case

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    A case for Nagado taiko.
    Material: Ester
    Color: olive green
    Tightening belt and handles attached. Cushion sponges built inside and protects the skins of the drum.
    Prices listed as below:
  • Size / Price

    Size Price
    1尺(30㎝) 33,000yen
    1尺1寸(33㎝) 33,000yen
    1尺2寸(36㎝) 37,400yen
    1尺3寸(39㎝) 41,800yen
    1尺4寸(42㎝) 46,200yen
    1尺5寸(45㎝) 50,600yen
    1尺6寸(48㎝) 57,200yen
    1尺7寸(51㎝) 59,400yen
    1尺8寸(54㎝) 61,600yen
    1尺9寸(57㎝) 66,000yen
    2尺(60㎝) 74,800yen
    2尺1寸(63㎝) 79,200yen
    2尺2寸(66㎝) 90,200yen
    2尺3寸(69㎝) 101,200yen
    2尺4寸(72㎝) 115,500yen
    2尺5寸(75㎝) 161,700yen
    2尺6寸(78㎝) 181,500yen
    2尺7寸(81㎝) 194,700yen
    2尺8寸(84㎝) 211,200yen
    2尺9寸(87㎝) 228,800yen
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