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    This little drum is a good gift for any occasion! It is roughly between four and 3/4 inches and 9 and 1/2 inches. For an extra fee, special lettering can be added to the body.
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    Size Price
    4寸(12㎝) 16,200yen
    4寸5分(13.5㎝) 19,440yen
    5寸(15㎝) 25,920yen
    6寸(18㎝) 38,880yen
    7寸(21㎝) 50,760yen

Asano Taiko Drum Exhibit
586 Fukudome, Hakusan-City, Ishikawa Prefecture 924-0051 Tel.076-277-2771
Asano Taiko Showroom
587-1 Fukudome, Hakusan-City, Ichikawa Prefecture 924-0051 Tel.076-277-1717