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    Sounds range from dull and heavy o bright. Played in counterpoint to taiko, the dora adds a bracing sound. It is widely used for sound effects.
  • Size / Price

    Size Dora(yen) Stand(yen) Set (yen)
    56㎝ 57,240yen 33,480yen 98,604yen
    61㎝ 65,880yen 33,480yen 107,244yen
    66㎝ 79,920yen 35,640yen 120,960yen
    71㎝ 113,400yen 35,640yen 155,520yen
    76㎝ 136,080yen 37,800yen 178,200yen
    81㎝ 158,760yen 37,800yen 200,880yen
    91㎝ 226,800yen 57,240yen 291,600yen
    101㎝ 340,200yen 57,240yen 405,000yen
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