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    In general, for a soft sound you use fatter, softer bachi. For a sharp sound, harder, thinner bachi are used. The hardest wood is oak, and the easiest to grip is cypress. Asano bachi are carefully cut to our own specifications, and styles are available to fit both intricate and power styles of playing.

    WE SHIP OVERSEAS! If you would like to place an order, please e-mail us at Please give us the list of items you are looking for and your address, and we will send you a quotation. Credit card is accepted. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
  • Size / Price

    Wood Product Number Thickness Lenth Price
    OAK(Kashi) 01-6514 6.5分(1.95㎝) 1尺4寸(42㎝) 1,750yen
    01-6515 6.5分(1.95㎝) 1尺5寸(45㎝) 1,750yen
    01-7014 7.0分(2.1㎝) 1尺4寸(42㎝) 1,750yen
    01-7015 7.0分(2.1㎝) 1尺5寸(45㎝) 1,750yen
    01-7513 7.5分(2.25㎝) 1尺3寸(39㎝) 2,052yen
    01-7514 7.5分(2.25㎝) 1尺4寸(42㎝) 2,052yen
    01-8013 8.0分(2.4㎝) 1尺3寸(39㎝) 2,257yen
    01-8014 8.0分(2.4㎝) 1尺4寸(42㎝) 2,257yen
    01-8513 8.5分(2.55㎝) 1尺3寸(39㎝) 2,257yen
    01-8514 8.5分(2.55㎝) 1尺4寸(42㎝) 2,257yen
    01-9012 9.0分(2.7㎝) 1尺2寸(36㎝) 2,257yen
    01-90125 9.0分(2.7㎝) 1尺2寸5分(37.5㎝) 2,257yen
    Tapered Kashi 01-T 1㎝×1.8㎝×39㎝ 2,257yen
    01-T41 2㎝×2.4㎝×41㎝ 2,462yen
    Maple 02-8014 8.0分(2.4㎝) 1尺4寸(42㎝) 2,052yen
    02-8015 8.0分(2.4㎝) 1尺5寸(45㎝) 2,257yen
    Tapered Maple 02-T 2㎝×2.4㎝×41㎝ 2,257yen
    Birch(Kaba) 03-8011 8.0分(2.4㎝) 1尺1寸(33㎝) 1,750yen
    03-8012 8.0分(2.4㎝) 1尺2寸(36㎝) 1,750yen
    Magnolia(Hou) 04-2441 8.0分(2.4㎝) 41㎝ 2,052yen
    04-3042 1寸(3㎝) 42㎝ 2,257yen
    04-7011 7.0分(2.1㎝) 1尺1寸(33㎝) 1,847yen
    04-8012 8.0分(2.4㎝) 1尺2寸(36㎝) 1,847yen
    Tapered Hou 04-T33 2㎝×2.4㎝×33㎝ 2,257yen
    04-T41 2㎝×2.4㎝×41㎝ 2,257yen
    04-K38 1.8㎝×1.9㎝×38㎝ 2,052yen
    Cypress(Hinoki) 05-3450 3.4㎝ 50㎝ 3,910yen
    05-3653 3.6㎝ 53㎝ 3,910yen
    05-3853 3.8㎝ 53㎝ 3,910yen
    05-4055 4㎝ 55㎝ 4,115yen
    Tapered Hinoki 05-T 2.1㎝×2.25㎝×33㎝ 3,078yen
    Hinoki (for Yatai) 05-Y 4.2㎝×3.6㎝×39㎝ 3,910yen
    Bamboo(Take)   1㎝×1.8㎝×60㎝ 1,847yen
      1㎝×1.8㎝×72㎝ 1,847yen
      1㎝×1.8㎝×82㎝ 1,847yen
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