Tax-free Shopping Guide

What products are tax-free?
General goods are exempt from consumption tax if purchased at the same store on the same day, and the total spending must be over 10,000JPY.
* It is not exempt from tax if purchased for business and commerce.
* Some products are prohibited to import in certain countries.

After shopping:
The store affixes a purchase proof document in your passport, and you must keep this.
This document will be collected by a custom office at your departure from Japan.
You must take the purchased products out of Japan.

Who cans shop tax-free?
Visitors with a temporary stay status are eligible for tax-free shopping.
* Japanese citizens are not eligible.
* Not eligible if you are working in Japan.
* Not eligible if staying in Japan more than six months.

How to shop tax-free
Show your passport at the check-out counter, and sign the purchase proof document.

How much can I save
The tax exemption program exempts the Japanese consumption tax.
  • Tax-free Shopping Guide

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